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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

USV has an aggressive API development program. We strive to be perceived as a reliable, responsive & competent API partner by our Customers.

Our portfolio consists of a broad range of 51 small molecule APIs:

  • 29 USDMF
  • 8 CEP
  • 24 ASMF (EU)
  • 26 DMF other markets
  • 5 JDMF
  • 8 Korean DMF
  • 2 China DMF
  • Technical Package 36 APIs
  • API under development 14

USV's API's are marketed to Customers in International Markets around the globe.

For more information about our existing portfolio and our pipeline products please e-mail us at

Disclaimer: Products under patents are offered for sale only in those countries where patents have expired.

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