Customer Orientation
  • To recognize that the customer is most important for our survival and growth
  • To interact with customers with regularity and treat each customer as the only and most important one
  • To create and sustain long-term relationships with customers
  • To receive customer's feedback and give it your highest attention

  • To create and surpass new performance standards
  • To challenge complacency - embrace change and continuously improve work standards and business processes
  • To take on higher goals - nothing is impossible!

  • To work as a team by sharing and learning from each other
  • To use team's collective capabilities, experience and diversity of opinion to reach better decisions

  • To human dignity - respect for all, respect differences in culture, language, opinions
  • To integrity - demonstrate consistency in actions and words
  • To business goals - making it happen consistently

  • To listen with an open mind
  • To communicate in simple, easy to understand language
  • To maintain transparent, direct and polite communication at all time

  • To maintain an optimistic, positive, cheerful outlook at all times
  • To maintain a cheerful, optimistic climate for your team

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